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Last month, I blogged about BlogMalaysia registering over 500 blogs and target to reach 800 blogs before 1st June 2008 at:

No, it has not been achieved but we still have 5 more days to go. There are currently 768 registered blogs at now (we have actually removed quite a number of blogs which we do not think qualified to be listed, eg. spams), 32 more blogs to go before hitting our 800 target.

I would like to thank bloggers who have submitted their Blogs to, especially those who have put a link back to BlogMalaysia to promote the site. What is a link back? See logo/link below:


Some bloggers have this logo/link in their blog. This is how they help to promote You can see I have this at the lower right column in my blog as well.

With BlogMalaysia getting busier and busier nowadays, it is beyond my ability to go through each and every blogs before approval. Still, I do not want to approve blogs without checking every one of them (I still missed one or two from time to time). So, in order to serve more effectively, I have assigned A.P.P.L.E, a very responsible and knowledgeable blogger to be the administrator of for the blog directory approval. Yes, she is helping me with the approval of blogs, sharing the burden or should I say taking away much of the burden from my shoulder in

Thank you A.P.P.L.E! [ ]


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  1. Thanks for the link love. It’s an honor to help the community. Hope BlogMalaysia can reach the 800 target just before June. 😀

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