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eBook: Portraiture Post Processing for Beginners by Banhup Teh

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I am very proud and please to announce that Dr. Teh (dtbh) very first ebook on “Portraiture Post Processing for Beginners” is now available at ShaShinKi.com!

Portraiture Post Processing for Beginners
by Banhup Teh
Price = RM89.70 or US$29.90

Banhup’s ebook on Portraiture Post-processing for Beginners helps you understand and master the way he processes most of his images. With detailed information on the steps he takes during the workflow, you’ll find the steps very easy to follow. It is like leading you by the hand throughout the process!About the Author / Photographer
Banhup Teh is a practising medical doctor (paediatrician), while having photography as his leisure hobby, he has created numerous great photos that have generated huge amount of interest from his friends at pbase, flickers, photomalaysia…etc. Many have asked about the way he post process his photos, and finally he has come out with the first ebook of his “Portraiture Post Processing for Beginners” in his series of processing book (that means more to come later!).Banhup Teh is currently using Nikon D3 as his main camera, with lenses of Nikon 17-35mm/2.8, 28-70mm/2.8, 85mm/1.4, 105mm/2.8 VR, 70-200mm/2.8 VR and some accessories of SB-800, SB-600, Epson P4500 Photoviewer/Storage etc.

Besides his busy schedule, Banhup Teh conducts photography workshop from time to time. To know more about him, visit his personal website at:


  • though titled for Beginners, be surprised by the professional results you can attain with it!
  • by a photographer for photographers
  • Banhup’s style of portraiture post-processing
  • illustrated with numerous diagrams/photos
  • easy step-by-step guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Start with this 1
Some sample images 5
Chapter 2 Choose the right Color Setting for your Photoshop 10
Chapter 3 Shooting in RAW or JPEGs? 15
Chapter 4 Auto Levels 24
Chapter 5 Initial preparation
Remove skin blemishes or distracting elements 25
Skin smoothening technique 32
Improve on catchlights 44
Chapter 6 Post-processing proper
Blend modes 51
Adjusting Levels 58
Adjusting Color Balance 64
Adjusting Hue/Saturation 69
Chapter 7 Final preparation
Reduce image size for Web posting 75
Portraiture post-processing by Banhup Photography for Beginners
Apply noise reduction if necessary 76
Sharpening 77
Convert to Profile 80
Chapter 8 Adobe Photoshop CS3 shortcuts 87
Chapter 9 Recording Actions and more customized shortcuts 88
Chapter 10 Here is the other example
Opening my RAW file 96
Initial preparation 98
Post-processing proper 108
Final preparation 116


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Francis Tan, photographer.

“I have always been captivated by your portraits and wondered how on earth did you manage to get such beautiful pictures. This ebook finally reveals the secrets of your skills which I am sure you must have spent long hours to acquire and to master.

This ebook is written in a very easy to understand manner and the steps taught by you are really easy to follow. I have tried them out myself and it’s amazing how easy it is to enhance the quality of a portrait using your suggested workflow.

The 60 or so photographs which you have exhibited in your ebook are so stunning that by themselves they would have made this ebook a great book on portraiture photography, better than any that I have seen on the shelves of Kinokuniya or Borders.

This is really great.”

Noordin, photographer.

“It’s awesome! I love it. It’s well thought out and well written. I love the illustration through the photoshop pages of each step because when I started Photoshop this was the most difficult part. Well done Doc. I can sense that it’s a labour of love!”

Yusuf, digitalartist and photographer. (http://www.digitalartist.com.my)

“Its an impressive piece of passion successfully thrust into reality and I congratulate you for the fine effort”

has also done a review of the ebook at:

Make your order and view sample pages can be viewed at ShaShinKi.com: