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My sisters in law visiting Japan + Special day

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My sisters in law from Malaysia came to Japan today visiting us.

They are: my eldest sister in law, 2nd elder sister in law (my wife is the third in their family), and the son of my 2nd elder sister in law. All together three people.

My wife went to Kansai airport in Osaka to fetch them, went there by bus last night and today came back using Shinkansen (bullet train). Megumi and I were just waiting at home… 😛

I drove to Shinkansen station where I stayed at around 1pm just now, over 100kg of luggage! Luckily I have a BIG and LUXURY car…hahaa…so can still fit the luggages with another 6 persons in the car (4 adults, 1 kid, 1 baby). My car is Toyota WISH 7 seaters type…ok…not really a luxury car or many but definitely is good enough for me… 😀

We went home first to unload the luggage, not easy to drive around with 100kg of luggage in the car and people cramp around.

After unloading, we went to taste the first real sushi…real one in Japan, unlike Malaysia one.

Megumi:”…oh…where am I going to sleep tonight?!…”


Megumi:”I can’t eat sushi…”


My nephew is not in the photo…as he is too tired and sleep in the baby chair right in front of the table where I took the photo. He is really tired…


Sushi in Japan not really that expensive. Spent less than JPY3,000 and everybody is full (ok…maybe not really full) but happy. We might taste again in another restaurant later.

As this is a special day…11th May 2008…cake can’t be left out. I went to 7-11 to buy some cakes and drinks for my wife to celebrate her birthday. Must have cake in order to sing birthday song mah…

My wife’s favorite mocha (green tea) cake:


The sisters group photo…


The hubby wife photo…





Everybody is sleeping now and I am still here blogging…tomorrow is going to be another fun and busy day…as we will be visiting Hiroshima city…

Good night… 🙂

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