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ShaShinKi.com Design Version 2

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I have again spent my last weekend in updating the design of ShaShinKi.com, trying to give a more advance and elegant look to it.

The homepage or door to ShaShinKi.com store is still the same. The major changes is the shop part.


In my initial design theme, the main colour is black, with gradient grey and white. My wife said that it is not so good to make the website looks so dark, so I change the background to something more refreshing, but not too bright or unfriendly for the eyes.

I chose red as the main colour of the background, not the bright eye piercing red but dark elegant red. I want the feel of big curtain in an orchestra hall, presenting the store of ShaShinKi.com to the world. 🙂

Here’s a thumbnail view of the site:


Besides the background, I have also changed the infobox bar colour to something more 3D and also enlarging the font so that it can be read easier.

Header has also been changed from the previous image type to now table type. This makes the header easier to update and add or remove new button.

The main thing I am really proud with and have spent a lot of time in modifying is the product information page.


I have added some which I think are useful information to the top, besides the image (Image has been changed from small 150px to now 250px). I hope this makes browsing and buying at ShaShinKi.com easier (see below):


There are many small changes that I made as well…but I will not list them out one by one here.

I would appreciate a lot if you can give me your feedback, feel and opinion regarding the new design of ShaShinKi.com. Negative comments are very much welcome as well so that I know how and where to improve.

Thank you and see ya!