24 September 2023


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New Product Page Design at ShaShinKi.com

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I spent the last weekend in redesigning the product page at ShaShinKi.com, I am pretty happy and satisfied with the results…so here to share with you all my excitement. 😀
I have always wanted to make the product page more user friendly, clearer and easier to browse. With my limited knowledge in php, I have to spend extra time to try and error.:P

Here’s the results:


What are the changes?

1. Product image has moved from right to left.

2. Bigger product image (250 x 250px) now, give clearly view of the product.

3. Clear listing of Brand, Category, Model #, Stock Status, Price and Quantity selection.

4. For product/s with Option, it will be shown below the Price before Quantity.

5. Boxed Picture. Personally I find this makes the image neater to show.

6. Brand name Clickable, to browse products under the same brand.

7. Added a title bar “Product” to the right column of the product page.

I hope this gives a better shopping experience to my customers at ShaShinKi.com. You can see the actual product page in action at:


Happy shopping! 😉