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Sakura Blossoms in Japan

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This post is not a family post…but photography post of some of the scenes I captured during my family Sakura visit to Hiroshima city.

Below is the must visit place for those who visited Hiroshima. The ruptured building was previously the City Hall of Hiroshima before World War II. Atomic bomb exploded right on top of this building…this is the remaining and always serves as a remembrance for the young generations to come.


While adults are enjoying their chit-chatting under Sakura trees, childrens love to play bubbles around… 🙂


Yes…everybody just love to sit under Sakura trees and enjoy their meal. Some did BBQ there as well. Weather is nice, not hot and not too cold.


Close up of Sakura.


It is amazing when all of them blossom at one go! No leaf, just white clean innocent flowers!


Another view from below to top…


Sakura blossom will last for around 2 weeks only. For tourist, it is actually quite difficult to estimate the peak blooming time. As for the above, by this weekend the flowers would not be so nice anymore and young green leafs would start to come out…no longer as beautiful or magnificent as above. Now is also the raining season, so Sakura comes and goes very fast…

Hope you enjoy reading and watching. 🙂