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Google Adsense Payment – 2nd time

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I checked my bank account today and got payment from Google Inc.

This is the 2nd payment I received from Google Adsense revenue.

This time Google Adsense paid me US$145.92 (two months worth of ads), but due to the poor exchange rate recently (poor USD), I only got JPY14,377 to my bank account.

Revenue from Adsense is increasing, though not much but steadily increased. I shall get another payment in April. 🙂

My advice to those who are using Adsense:

  • Try to show as many ads as possible in your site. However, take note that maximum ads to be shown is THREE (3) on a page. So, don’t put more than 3 Adsense banners in your page.
  • Do not mess up your website. Don’t make your site like a like ads hell. The last thing you want to see is your members or visitors got fedup or pissed off and leave your site and went to a better one.
  • Put your ads clearly and neatly. Don’t try to trick your members into clicking the ads. Make it clear and arrange them neatly in your website.
  • Use image ads. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. An attractive image ads will attract your members to click. Image ads will make your site more lively as well.
  • Be patient and do not give up. My initial revenue is not even US$0.50 a day. Now I can get around US$3 a day or more. Still not much, but I can see it growing slowly but steadily… 🙂

No, Adsense can’t survive me. However, it can be a pretty happy bonus. 😀