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WordPress 2.5 RC1 – Released!

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WordPress has released their latest version of the ever popular blog software – WordPress 2.5 RC1 on 18th March 2008 (5 days ago)!

It seems to have some new features that make posting and using wordpress more fun, but I have yet to try it…backuping my site at the moment before I upload the new version over my site.

RC1  – what does it means?

With a RC1 at the end of 2.5…it means the software is not a full release yet. RC = Release Candidates, which is very close to full release, and according to WordPress team, the software is very stable and has been tested by many, and is very close or same as full release. Software cycle normally is beta, alpha, RC then only full release. So, you can see that RC release has actually gone through beta and alpha stage, so it should be relatively stable and safe to use. 🙂

Yes, I am going to install it later and post a report on it. My most wanted feature: Multiple upload – is now in the new release! I have wanted this feature for a very long time (currently using an multiple image file upload plugin which got errors after uploading). Standard feature on WordPress is definitely BETTER than plugin, and I would want to keep the number of plugin to the minimum in my blog. 🙂

You can read about WordPress 2.5 SEAK PEAK at:


Happy blogging! 😉