24 September 2023


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WordPress 2.5 RC1 – Bad Experience

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I tried WordPress 2.5 RC1 today. Spent some time to upload and backup my original files.


Again, my main concern and attraction is the multi-upload as told by WordPress in their latest release. I was hoping to get good and easy way of uploading photos to my blog, as I share a lot of photo at my blog, which makes file uploading an important feature for me.

After installing WP2.5RC1, I have to spent some time to get use to the new interface. I think the orange dashboard is ugly, but nevermind…just personal preference.


I reactivated back all my plugins (I deactivated them before installing the new version), all works without problem except for WP-STATS software I have to re-keyin the API key. No problem, easy job since I have ASKIMET that uses the same key. Just copy and paste and done.

Lightbox plugin works without problem.

Now…I tried with my first post with WP2.5RC1.

  1. Typing is easy, posting is no problem.
  2. I want to upload some photos…how? Yeah…found the new insert picture button. There is an insert video feature too…I wonder how it works…but nevermind for the time-being as I have no video to share.

Now the headache part. Uploading photo is easy, it immediately goes to the new Gallery menu. After upload, it automatically showed options for you to insert the photo to your current post. There are thumbnail, medium and Original/Large file size for you to insert. You can change thumbnail and medium width and height size setting in Setting menu. After select the size, click INSERT.


Tried again many time but no photo was inserted to my post. The lightview like picture menu becomes blank.

Hmm…this is frustrating. I did upload all the files to my server, so there shouldnt be problem in installation. I am using FireFox, I thought this could be the problem.

Have to login to my account using Internet Explorer 6 and test the picture upload function. To cut the story short, yes I can upload and insert picture in IE6, so my installation is fine.

However, I spotted another problem. The resized photo quality is bad. I think WP uses too much compression and I can clearly see artifacts on my resized JPEG images. No good…in fact, bad for me. On WP 2.3.3, I modified the image.php file with photo quality set to 90%. Better and easier for me that way. Ok, I know there should be an easier way to hack and set the resized image quality in WP2.5 as well…but since I am no expert in hacking…so it is beyond my power at the moment.

Below is the 400px width picture resized by WordPress 2.5 RC1:


Here’s my WP2.3.3 90% compression quality resized image:


That means WordPress 2.5 RC1 is having compatibility issue with FireFox 2.0 that I am currently using. Hmm…no good…as my WP 2.3.3 is working fine and perfectly.

WordPress 2.5 RC1 uses a lot of AJAX in their design and menu. Though cool…but it is slow. Very slow indeed. Have to wait for a few seconds for the AJAX to load up. No fun and I kinda disappointed with the feature. It makes posting and uploading photos more difficult for me.

No, I did not explore the other features of 2.5 RC1, as my main interest in picture uploading has disappointed me a lot. I have already switched back to WP 2.3.3 by the time I am typing this post now. Wasted few hours trying and testing out WP 2.5 RC1.

WP 2.3.3 is doing perfectly fine for me now. I am not goint to waste another few hours when WP 2.5 full version released later.

No, don’t get disencourage by my post and experience. It could be just my computer or browser problem, but if it ain’t working on my PC, it ain’t working for me…but who knows, you might love the new design and features. 🙂

You can download WP 2.5 RC1 at: