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How many email spams you received daily?

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Nowadays, spam is unavoidable in our email account.

How many email spams you received daily? I have been using my gmail account for around 3 years, and now…everyday I received around 150~200 spams in my gmail account. That’s more than 5 times of the actual emails in my inbox!

I have read some research conducted online that more than 90% of our daily emails are spams, with the left over 10% being the actual email that we would want to read.

How to deal with spams? It is possible to avoid spam?

There are NO LAW to shoot down spammers, but many server providers have strict rules that if your server are sending out spam emails, then your account will be suspended. This is especially true in USA servers, but if you notice the spam emails…most of them are NOT from the US server. There are still many grey area related to internet in many countries.

I have given up using outlook to read my email, as it can’t filter out spams accurately. Gmail is good, though occasionally some of my important emails are being marked as spam by them…but most of the time they are quite precise in marking those spams. I use Gmail exclusively nowadays. Not just because it is good with great interface, but of course the every growing space that outlast the grow of email I received daily. As of today, my email account space allocated by Gmail is 6520 MB! (currently using 2676 MB space).


Spam solution? Use Gmail. 🙂