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BlogMalaysia.com: Added RSS Feed with lastest 7 posts!

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At BlogMalaysia.com, we have successfully added RSS Feed to every blog that submitted to BlogMalaysia.com directory! Of course, members will have to key in the URL of their Feed, else our system will not be able to resolve the RSS Feed URL address and will not be able to retrieve the latest posts from the member’s blog.

Here’s a screenshot of my blog at BlogMalaysia.com:


Click the picture above to see the actual page in action!

So you asked: Why is this got anything to do with me?

Yes, it does. BlogMalaysia.com as a free bloggers directory will promote your blogs and gain more visitors to your site at now charge! When a member or visitor views your blog details at BlogMalaysia.com, if they have the chance to read about your blog posts without having to go to your blog first, then the chances of them visiting and clicking the links of your blogs will be higher.

How about search engines?

Yes, with your blog posts being feeded to BlogMalaysia.com, it means more links to your blog and will definitely get search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN…etc.) to rank you higher! Again, this is FREE! You don’t have to pay a cent to promote and advertise your blog freely at BlogMalaysia.com!

What’s next?

BlogMalaysia RSSFeed is still at its infant stage. There are more new features to come…but of course…start joining us in the directory and don’t forget to check out our FORUM too! 😉

Happy Blogging!