Highest per day earn from Adsense!

This is the highest per day earned money from Adsense in my account after nearly a year of “rejoining” Adsense!

(in USD)

Date Earnings
Thursday, February 28, 2008 $7.67

My average per day earning in February 2008 is still just $2.59…yeah…quite low and little…cannot survive with just $2.59 (USD) per day…

Compared to many…this is probably still a joke! I read some “professionals” are earning thousands USD per month…mine? Not even US$100 per month… 😛

Slowly…patiently…waiting for Google Adsense to feed my daily meals… 😀

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  1. thats good page impressions.. just a suggestion, your clicks per page is very low (im getting around 1.5% – 3%).. i suggest you to place your ads in very attractive places..

  2. Hi!
    So you are the camera guy huh? Bought some stuffs from Shashinki before. Just want to point out something. We are not supposed to show our CTR and other details. Adsense allows only the income to be known. Quick! Remove them ASAP.

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