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Review: Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 Apherical AT-X 116 PRO DX

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A review coming soon… 😉


Comparison with AT-X 124 PRO

Here’s some comparison side by side the Tokina AT-X 116 PRO with Tokina AT-X 124 PRO lens.

Left is AT-X 124 PRO – Right is AT-X 116 PRO

Front View


Rear View


Top View


As you can see, these two lenses are so very similar!

Don’t forget that the AT-X 116 PRO is a F2.8 lens, while the AT-X 124 is a F4 lens.

Built Quality / AF MF Switch

The lens feels solid in hand. Tokina AT-X PRO series of lenses are very well designed. Focus ring and zoom ring is large and good texture, making manual focusing or zooming with ease.

The AF/MF switch design of the lens is like all other Tokina AT-X PRO series lenses. Push forward to AF, Pull backward to change to MF. You can engage or disengage the AF/MF at any position! A great design that Tamron is following in some of their lenses now. 🙂


Just in case if are curious and want to read about the specifications of the lens…here they are:


As shown above, this lens is ONLY available in Nikon and Canon mount. Only for Nikon DX or Canon APS-C sensor. For Pentax, Sony and Olympus (4/3rd) users…sorry…don’t blame me…you go ask Tokina.

Funs in Closeup! Megumi at 30cm!

The greatest strength in this lens in my opinion is the ability to focus till very very close to your subject!

My baby is touching the lens…oops…her fingers were even on the glass already! She is 8 months old…and the lens is within her reach when I took these photos. 😛


Megumi:”Lai…lai…touch a little…”


“Left hand touch…”


“Right hand touch…”


“hem! Don’t touch don’t touch loh…!”


I shall post some full size resolution sample soon. 🙂


I have to admit that I did not really pay much time or attention in testing the lens, so here’s some quite sample shots of a wall of posters. I don’t see much pincushion distortion from the lens.

All photos are original none crop version, except curved, sharpen and resized to 1000px for web presentation.

At 11mm, side view of the wall


At 11mm, front view of the wall


At 16mm, front view of the wall


Update: I did another distortion test with more proper target, slide metal curtains:

at 11mm


at 16mm


I can hardly notice any distortion from the lens! Very very good distortion control!


This lens is sharp. Very very sharp. In order to show the sharpness of this lens…I sacrifice myself and become the test target of it…yeah…my fuzzy hair and mustache should be a nice area for focus testing.

To give a fair view of sharpness testing of the lens, I set my Nikon D200 to sharpness at NORMAL setting. All photos below are none edited except cropping to 100% in Paint Shop Pro. Colour setting is set to Portrait mode, so you don’t see very vibrant colour.

Flash used: Nikon SB-800 with Lambency flash diffuser

Here’s the full view of my mug shot (don’t try it on your wife… 😛 )


Below: 100% crop from the above photo



How’s the bokeh?

Full Size Sample (Jpeg Basic from D200)

Here’s some bonus files for you to download…if you want to zoom in and out in your monitor screen. 🙂

Click the file name to download (around 1MB each)



Flare Test (Added on 31st March 2008)

Since this lens will be used outdoor most of the time, so I think flare is an important issue here.

I took some worst case scenario by shooting directly into the sun:

Both vertical and horizontal shots I took at different exposure, so that flare or ghost can be seen clearly when under exposed.





From the above tests, I can only see one spot of small flare/ghost in the image. In my opinion, the lens is very very flare resistance! Definitely a very well designed lens for a zoom!

At the price range of around US$720 range, it is a very worth for money lens. Sharpness is superb, minimum focusing distance of 30mm of this lens is amazing! You can create extraordinary portrait shots with this lens, or amazing close-up of wildlife with great nature background!

Built quality is great. The lens feels solid and sturdy in hand. Tokina is known to have great built/design of their AT-X PRO series lenses, which in my opinion is on par if not better than Nikon and Canon similar lenses. Better than Sigma and Tamron build quality for sure.

Try it…you will love it. 😉

You can order the Tokina AT-X 116 lens at: