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I don’t play computer games…

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I read some blogs registered at BlogMalaysia today…and in one of them I read about the latest (is it latest?) computer game called Age of Empire III.

I still remember the AOE first version, very very nice graphic and very interesting strategy game. Yes, I used to play that, together with Command and Conquer. I am not expert in these game though (one of my room mate was really good in this strategy game, set the game speed to the fastest and he can still manage to conquer).

No…I don’t play computer game anymore nowadays. Not interested anymore. My last PC game was Final Fantasy X. Spent a few months finishing the game…quite tiring and addicted. Waste of time actually… 😛

Instead of computer games, my not so new hobby is actually computer related as well. I kinda like to spend my time in my websites (ShaShinKi, BlogMalaysia, PentaxWorld, PhotoMalaysia…etc.). Today I spent US$20 bucks to purchase some codes and improve the design and features of BlogMalaysia. I have always wanted the Browse by PageRank feature, but can’t justify to spend the money for the codes before seeing BlogMalaysia is going to last or not. I am not a programmer myself, so I can’t write the codes myself. So I will have to get some codes and modify it to my existing BlogMalaysia design. Yeah…still have to spend hours in merging the codes to BlogMalaysia, but the final result is quite satisfying. 🙂


Hope more will join BlogMalaysia…we have over 100 blogs now…and we are growing. Be the early bloggers to join us! 😉

I don’t play computer games…I play with my websites. 😉