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Nikon Legendary Portrait Lens – AIS 105mm F2.5

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Just bought this lens recently, at quite a good price in Japan. 🙂

This lens has been regarded as the best portrait lens by Nikon users for years. Though it is an old lens…but the optically quality doesn’t fade with time.

Here’s some sample tests shots I did few days ago:

Megumi:”Papa…new lens huh?!”


“Hmm…manual focus…old lens…”


Tested on Nikon D200 DSLR. Exif intact so you can check the exposure yourself.

One of the “problem” of using long lens is how to maintain sharpness. For a 105mm focal length in digital, you have to use shutter speed of at least 1/200s in order to yield sharp photo. This is just a rule of thumb…still depends on your hand steadiness.

Here’s a not so sharp photo:

(Megumi taking breakfast)



I use flash in all the above shots, to try using flash light to “freeze” the motion. Not always successful. 🙂

Worth buying lens? Yes for me, I love manual focus Nikon legendary! 😀