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BlogMalaysia – Over 100 blogs now!

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Glad to see that BlogMalaysia.com has more than 100 blogs registered in the directory now!

Just a month+ old, BlogMalaysia.com is growing well…and many bloggers has show support by volunteering adding BlogMalaysia link logo in their blogs:


Besides directory, BlogMalaysia.com is having a forum for bloggers too now! We have a two very dedicated forum staffs at the moment, one is:

APPLE – a very dedicated blogger who is great in blog design as well as art design. Her blog updates frequently, with various type of informations and news. A good example for new bloggers to follow.

Another one is:

Alvin – a buddy who I know personally, very knowledgeable person with good experience in forum management and serving.

Do take a look at their blogs, and of course don’t forget to register your blog for FREE at BlogMalaysia.com!

Happy blogging! 😉