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Sigma DP1 – Available on 3rd March 2008

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The long awaited Sigma DP1 will finally hit the shelf on 3rd March 2008 in Japan.


Price? Around JPY9,9800, Sigma said that this is the camera without class. Not a DSLR, not a P&S…one of its kind. Using the same Foveon X3 sensor as in Sigma SD-14 DSLR, which is definitely the first P&S camera that uses full size DSLR sensor.

Comes with fixed focal length lens of 28mm f4, minimum focusing distance 30cm. Fixed focal length lens is much more desirable than zoom lens, which has much better image quality and speed performance as compared to zoom. For a camera that has such a big sensor…it would be a waste if the zoom lens can’t deliver enough quality for the sensor.