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Japanese New Year Party

Visits: 114

Japanese celebrates their new year according to the Christ calendar. So 1st Jan is their new year.

Every year, local community in Saijyo, Higashi-Hiroshima, organizes new year party for foreigns and locals. My wife and I join the party during our first year in Japan.

The location of the party is in the same building as where we live, so it is very convenient for us to go down stairs and join. In fact, we just overhead the announcement on 13th Jan 2008 morning, so went down to check out the party in the afternoon.

Here’s some photos to remember…this should be our last year joining this party. Get to learn some Japanese culture (wearing kimono, tea, shu fa, etc.).

At the entrance. 🙂


Quite some visitors to the party… 🙂


Family shot 🙂


Happy *New* Year! 😀