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Foong Can Cook!

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Today is the new opening of a new corner at my blog… 😀

:D Foong Can Cook :D

Cooking is my wife’s favorite…or strength. So I thought why not create a special category so that she can share her cooking in the blog?! 🙂

Hope will benefit some…but of course…don’t get envy…because all the food you saw in this FCC are in my stomach by the time you read this… 😛

Here’s one that I enjoy just now for my dinner… 😀


What is it? It probably has become shit now 😛 …but let me tell you…it is delicious sweet and sour fried bone meat. There are some potato wedges in the sweat and sour sos, very delicious. We did not mix the meat with the sos, as it will kill the crispiness of the meat. When serving, dip the meat into the sos and consume it. Yummy!

I will let my wife explain more in future…now need to go do some “business”… 😉