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Nike Air Force 180 Premium 25th Anniversary Shoes

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My brother in law asked about this shoe today…I thought it is kinda interesting and nice. Seems pretty cheap at ebay, less thanUS$100, while it is selling at over US$300 in Japan!



Nike celebrates Finish Line’s 25th Anniversary with an exclusive collection like no other. Inspired by athletic achivement and iconic moments of the last few decades, they’ve blended performance with style, unique materials and color together with stories that have shaped both companies times. Each shoe in this exclusive collection is about dreams becoming reality and athletes becoming heroes. Charles Barkley and his team dominated the court in Nike Air Force 180 shoes to become legends. Draped in red, white, blue and gold, this premium hoops shoe is about to conquer the court fo a second time.


Shipping from USA to Japan is a hefty US$40 charged by the ebay seller…more than 50% of the selling price…hmm…total will be around US$120…hmm…I don’t wear sport shoe actually. Need to think again…and again…and again…