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Google Payment

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Just updated by bank book in Japan and noticed that Google has paid me! Yeah…money from the Adsense ads. 🙂

How much? Not much…only US$100+ and the conversion rate to JPY is very poor now (weak USD).

The good thing about Google in Japan is that you can have Google deposit the money directly to your bank account. No need to receive check, just update your Google account with a valid Japan bank account, Google will then deposit a small amount of money (in my case JPY120) and you will have to answer the question of the exact amount in your Google account later. This is to verify your bank account is really belongs to you…and yes, you get the FREE JPY120. 😀

My earning from Google Adsense is actually very minor…the USD100+ was accumulated since more than 3 months ago…and only till early Jan I was able to hit over USD100, and Google paid me end of the month on 30th Jan 2008. Yes, you have to have over USD100 before you can withdraw the money.

No…don’t try to cheat and click on your own ads. This will result your account being suspended. As Google motto says…”Don’t be evil!”

Happy Chinese New Year too to all the Chinese and those who are celebrating the Spring in the world! 😀

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