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Stock Status

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I feel really good today, because I have managed to install a modification to ShaShinKi.com/Shop.

~ Stock Status ~

Yeah…I have wanted to have stock status shown on the product page since day 1. I use to type this on every page…

Ready Stock! Next Day Delivery!
Special order item, allow 1~2 weeks for delivery.

Typing the above is easy, not difficult at all when I create a new product and copy and paste the sentence in my product page. However…the product arise when I started to keep stock of a certain hot selling products…this is the headache part as I have to open up every in stock product page and change the description, or when product sold out, I have to edit the description again (else will get fire by customer shouting why the product page say in stock but I do not have stock?).

I want a system that can show the Stock Status based on product stock quantity. In my store, changing quantity is easy as I can change them in batch. Yes, even 100 or 1000 products at one time. 🙂

Finally, I managed to install the Status Status modification! Yeah! I work till 4am last night…but the result is fruitful and I am quite satisfied with it. Here’s what you will see:





I guess I don’t have to explain any further…except “Special Order” means product will take 1~2 weeks for delivery in most cases.

So next time when you see the above sign/picture at ShaShinKi.com/Shop, remember that I work till 4am for you ya! 😀