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Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo!

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Yes…you read it right. In fact, this is not the first time…last year Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo! as well, but was turned down by Yahoo!. Now, Microsoft tries it again after the old CEO just stepped down (due to poor performance in directing Yahoo!).

Is Yahoo! for sale? Is Google for sale?

Yahoo is not performing well…in fact, you can use the word BAD. The reason is simple, Google. People are switching to Google for their internet browsing and using habit. I use Gmail now as my main email (Google space outgrow my email growing space), Gchat for chatting (not the only one though, together I use Live Messenger as well as Skype), Google Earth when I need to find a location, Analytics for my website statistics, Adsense to get some $, etc. Eh…I left out the most important one…I use Google to SEARCH!

How about Yahoo!? I don’t use Yahoo Messenger nowadays, I don’t use Yahoo mail nowadays…I don’t use Yahoo to search nowadays…Yahoo? Hmm…I don’t remember using any Yahoo service now.

So…is Yahoo dieing? Not yet…but I believe Yahoo is definitely in trouble. Microsoft sees it. In fact, Microsoft is worrying that they might be the next Yahoo and get swallow up by Google…so they want to get Yahoo now in order to retain some market share to fight the “don’t be evil” Google.

How much? US$44 billions. I don’t know exactly how much that is…but I remember Youtube was sold at US$1.65 billions few years ago by Google. I guess Microsoft should have bought Youtube…as it is definitely the most successful online video sharing site nowadays. Yes, I use Youtube service. When Google bought Youtube, many asked if Google overpaid…but now it seems cheap to me (seeing how much influence Youtube has on the internet).

Back to Yahoo…so is it sold? Not yet, for now. Yahoo share up nearly 50% after Microsoft announced the buying news. Those insiders must be laughing all the way to the bank now… 😛

Rumors that Yahoo might seek other buyers alternatives, e.g. Apple. Yes, I think Apple has a more healthy image than Microsoft…and people like Apple. Yahoo + Apple = New Life. Steve Job is definitely one of the smartest guy in the world. With him guiding Yahoo, there might still be chance to survive. Microsoft? They can’t even survive on their own now…not sure how they can inject new life into Yahoo.

By the way…Yahoo…if you are listening…you should launch your Publisher Network to people outside USA. I have been waiting for more than a year…and you still not including internet users from other country to join. There are many people who can’t use Adsense, or have been banned by Adsense, they want alternative and I am sure Yahoo is the best alternative to Google. You should grab this chance, opportunity…but after one year waiting…you are still not progressing. What a shame…what a disappointment… 🙁