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I relaunched BlogMalaysia.com last week, after a database corruption and lost over hundred of entries in BlogMalaysia.com.

What is BlogMalaysia.com?

It is a website that list out all the URL address of bloggers in Malaysia. More like a yellowpages.

After the relaunched, I reconfigure the system to allow only registered members to post links. Why register? By registering an account at BlogMalaysia, member can later login to edit the Links if there is any changes to the descriptions or new URL of your blog. Without registration, this cannot be done and can’t be edited by the blog owner. In long run, this is a better way than having blog owners contacting me each time they want to change or edit their blog information.

It has been a week + since I relaunched the site…so far there are 13 members/links registered. Almost like one new member a day…hmm…not as fast as I would have hope for.

I have been promoting BlogMalaysia.com at PhotoMalaysia.com and ShaShinKi.com, these two websites have many visitors daily. I have thought of using paid advertising to promote the site…but it is a bit burden for me at the moment…so will let BlogMalaysia.com grows by its own for the time-being… 🙂

If you have a blog and are reading this…do head over to BlogMalaysia.com and register your blog there. It is Free and it promote your sites to more visitors and audience without having you to pay a cent. 🙂