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PhotoMalaysia Exhibition Launched!

Yes, it was launched tonight! No…I wasn’t there but I am as excited as everybody! 😀

Here’s a photo took by one of our forum member (magic), which is also The Star photographer:


(Photo by Glenn Guan. Original photo posted at:

The exhibition has already been featured in Malaysia TV (RTM2 on “Hello On 2” program), and I heard NTV 7 will air the news about the exhibition as well.

Of course, not forgetting Malaysia largest English newspaper, The Star, will also publish the news about the exhibition in their StarMetro Central in a couple of days time.

I am really proud for the commitment and dedication PhotoMalaysia members have contributed to the exhibition.

Lastly, if you are interested in seeing the evening before the launch (preparation of the exhibition), go to:


I saw Megumi photo there! 😀

(can you spot where is Megumi? The same photo I have posted here before…)

(photo by sean eng)

Do drop by Central Market Kuala Lumpur if you happened to be in KL between now and 27th January 2008! 🙂

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