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Google Adsense Experience…3 months later…

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I have restarted Google Adsense in September 2007 – this time for real and of course, with all honesty. 🙂 Do not click on the ads yourself! 🙁


My main site that listed my Adsense content is PhotoMalaysia.com. I am the co-founder of PhotoMalaysia.com, so I have full control over it for the ads and daily operation of it. Of course, also because I now take the burden of funding the server rental cost, which hit over RM5k or US$1.5k a year.

Back to Adsense…I would like to share with you some of my experience of how I notice the increase in revenue after I make some changes to the placement and contents of my Adsense ads.

Miracle Skyhigh Profit? Dream on…

Initially, I have high expectation from Adsense. After hearing and reading lots of success stories with Adsense, I was hoping that PhotoMalaysia can generate high income for me after I put up Adsense there. I was wrong…at least initially.

Do not expect your members to click ads in your site if you do not place them strategically. Warning: DO NOT ASK OR PROMOTE OR INVITE YOUR MEMBERS TO CLICK ON THE ADS! THIS IS NOT RIGHT AND ILLEGAL AND WILL RESULT YOUR ACCOUNT BEING TERMINATED!

My Statistics

My revenue from Adsense in September (starts from 5th September 2007) is just US$15.78, with total 293 clicks and 235,263 page impressions. For me, this is quite disappointing since I was hoping to get hundreds of dollars from Adsense. So I did not work further with Adsense in October and November, since I thought Adsense did not help much…so I might as well try selling ads myself.

September 2007 revenue:

  • Total earning (USD): US$15.78

October 2007 revenue:

  • Total earning (USD): $28.82

Yeah, October is better than September by nearly double! But still…not much… 😛

November 2007 revenue:

  • Total Earning (USD): $25.05

Hmm…less than October…seems like it is going to be static at average US$2x.xx if I am not going to do anything.

Another reason for me to go back to Adsense is because selling ads yourself isn’t easy. I don’t get many advertisers myself…and my ads are selling at low price too. So, might as well try Adsense again…since many have successful story with it.

One thing I notice in Adsense report is Page Impressions. It tells you how many times the ads is being served at your site. Put it in simple way, the higher the impression, the more frequent the ads being shown at your site. The more frequent the ads being shown, the higher chance people will click on it. Also take note that while the total click for November is less than September, but I got higher revenue in November because I got higher page impression in November.

So, I come to a simple and short conclusion: I should put more ads in strategic locations in PhotoMalaysia.com.

More ads yes…but what about strategic locations?

Have you seen websites with lots of ads and are mainly driven by Adsense than the content of the websites themselves? Yes, there are many. As a visitor, I immediately got put off by those ads driven sites. I don’t want PhotoMalaysia to be like that. I don’t want to hit my members with lots of ads and making them angry or feel distracted. Ads should serve its purpose of attracting customers but not frustrating viewers.

Do remember that a forum is driven by members, not the otherwise. Your forum will not be forever hot and active if you pushed your members away.

With that in mind, I carefully choose locations for my ads. Of course, Adsense ads are pretty nice looking and doesn’t really make people vomit. The best thing I like about Adsense is how relevant the ads is to your website. No gambling or porn ads as well. Definitely good and suitable for my photography forum. 🙂

So, in December I have added some new Adsense ads toPhotoMalaysia.com. You can check out my ads location in PhotoMalaysia.com, must easier than having me describe each and everyone here. 🙂 In general, for high hit pages, I put ads on top, bottom and sometimes middle (for those lengthy page). Frame up my ads so that they melt and look nice with the website.

So…how is my December revenue?

December 2007 revenue:

  • Total Earning (USD): $37.61

Yeah, hit over US$3x.xx. Better than the previous few months.

Now, starting year 2008…I have added up some extra ads locations, mainly in the Photography section (Gallery) in PhotoMalaysia. We got quite a number of hit in Photography, so hopefully it will drive more members to Adsense. 🙂

Another note to Publisher. I notice that Image ads though is more attractive, but it can only serve ONE ads per time in that particular space. So, it is good to have multiple ads in some high hit pages with both image and text ads (I set my site to let Adsense determine it for me).

Final words…(temporary)

I must admit that I am still very new to Adsense. There are still lots of things for me to learn and find out, which can only be learn through experience. I will report and post my findings from time to time…sharing this most successful and largest ads campaign in the internet ever (period). 🙂