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Can’t send email using Outlook Express?

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Can receive email but can’t send out email using Outlook Express?

Can send email previously, no changes to the OE setting, suddenly can’t send email today?

What happened?

This is what happening to my computer at home since many months ago. I checked the setting of my OE, everything seems fine. I checked and reconfirmed my username and password, everything seems fine. I did not change anything before this happened. So what went wrong? I can receive email but can’t send out email using my own server/domain name!

I have setup another gmail account in my OE, I can send email and receive email no problem with this gmail account on my OE.

The problem is with my business email account – shop@shashinki.com. Yes, my own domain and my own server.

What is the problem? My problem?

No, it is not my problem. After many months…finally I got the idea last night of what could be the reason. I did some search on the internet and found some clues as well.

It is your ISP that suddenly changed their policy to BLOCK port 25 on all SMTP! I was using Yahoo! BB – broadband service in Japan.

Yes, nothing wrong with my PC or OE setting, but sudden change of my ISP to block port 25 on SMTP makes me unable to send email out through my own server.

Why the block of SMTP port 25?

Simple reason, to tackle spam. Many people send spam messages via their own computer to others, so ISP block port 25 (common port number used by most server by default) in order to reduce spams.


Simple, change your server’s SMTP port to other than 25.

Not so simple if you do not have access to EXIM on your server. If you are on a shared server, or rent just a small space from others, then you most probably will not have access to EXIM setting.

If you have access to WHM (web host manager from CPANEL), then you can change or add extra port to SMTP easily! It is under Service Manager. Go to Exim on another port and add whatever number you want (eg. 100 or 2775 or 88) and checked the box to enable this option. Then in your OE, use this same port setting on your SMTP, and viola! You can now send email from your OE via your own email account and server!

For those who do not have access to WHM, contact your server provider and ask them about alternate SMTP port they are using. They should inform you the port number.

Hope this little info helps… 🙂