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ShaShinKi.com is 2 years old…

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Born on the Christmas of 2005…ShaShinKi.com is two years old now.

With God’s blessing, we enter year 3 for ShaShinKi. With the growth of ShaShinKi, I hope my initial aim of glorify God’s name through ShaShinKi will never change. With more and more people know about ShaShinKi, I hope more can hear the Good News.

Some asked…how do you come up with the name of “ShaShinKi“? Lots of people spell the name wrongly initially…eg. shasinki, shashiki, shashaki…etc. So, what is ShaShinKi? ShaShinKiis actually a Japanese words, which is a combination of two words = ShaShin + Ki. ShaShin means photograph, Ki means machine. When combined, it means a machine that is able to take photograph, which means “camera”. Nowadays, most Japanese will not use the word ShaShinKianymore, rather just “kamera”. However, if you speak out the word “ShaShinKi” they will still understand you but with a weird look of course… 😛

Happy Birthday, ShaShinKi!