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Canon EF Lens Work III – The Eyes of EOS

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Canon EF Lens Work III

The Eyes of EOS

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  • Hardcopy
  • Over 232 pages
  • Printed in Japan
  • Black hard cover with Red colour sleeve
  • With almost all Canon lenses information inside
  • Stunning photos accompany with each lens
  • Optical Technology and Terminology
  • MTF graphs for all the Canon Lenses

I used to sell this book at RM50 per copy in year 2004, over 100 books I have sold…long before I started up ShaShinKi.com business. This is such a great book that I wish Nikon has such a book for me to keep and collect. Canon Malaysia doesn’t sell this book, but give away during the promotion time (road show, introduction of products, events…etc.). Every Canon users or even Nikon users (I don’t own Canon system now but I still keep a copy myself) should own and get one of this book. There are PDF downloadable version available in the internet, but nothing beats the real hardcopy book which you can keep on your bookshelf, bring to your toilet, laying on your bed reading before you sleep (hope to catch a good dream?)…etc.

Here are some photos of the book that I took in year 2004 while I use them to showcase to my customers how the book looks like. Many still haven’t heard of this great book, and there are latest version every few months introduced by Canon with new updated lenses, so I thought of sharing the information here in my blog to keep as a “permanent” source of information for myself and others.

No, I don’t have source for this book at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to offer it at ShaShinKi.com in future, maybe year 2009 (don’t hold your breadth waiting…). 😛

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