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Thank God…my first paper submitted to Journal of Marine Science and Technology has been accepted. It went through two revisions, first one was tough but 2nd revision is a short one. God is good, all the time. He provided me enough grace to finish the paper. My first paper was submitted in Jan 2007, it actually went missing with editor, so new editor was assigned in July and new reviewers were assigned as well. Basically it took around 4-5 months to get the first feedback or revision. Actual publication date of my first paper is unknown yet, but confirmation of acceptance has been received.

I have submitted my 2nd paper in July 2007 (then only I found out that my first paper has missing editor). I got the reply or correction/feedback two weeks later than my first paper in end of Nov. So the review process is pretty fast actually. I have just submitted my revision and hopefully will hear from them soon in two weeks time.

JMST is an international journal from UK. They have very high standard/requirement of quality paper. It is not easy to get paper published there, but once published, it means your research/paper is of good quality. This is also an assurance to your research which will get good recognition from others.

JMST uses online submission for paper nowadays, which can be found at:


People there are very friendly, just drop them an inquiry if you have any. I hope to be able to get my 2nd paper published there, and hope to submit more quality paper to this journal in future. Even if you did not manage to get your paper published, the reviewing process definitely still help you to become a better writer and better researchers with very useful comments and feedbacks from the knowledgeable reviewers and editors.