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お正月料理 (日本料理)

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It has been such a long time I didn’t join the International Women club for the Japanese food cooking class which held once a month in the guo min kan (national citizen hall). My “One-Pair” Japanese Language teacher, Nishi Gaki sensei called me up last Wednesday and invited me to the class on Friday. She is the chairman of the club for this year. Thinking of to “support” my sensei and of course cooking is one of my hobbies, I decided to go after “settled” Megumi with my da-lingu on the Friday morning.

And this round, we cooked the Japanese New Year Dishes. dsc01370.JPG

If you think that is very easy to prepare a set meal like the one in the photo, then you are wrong lor my friend!

We were 12 in total and had spent 3 hours to prepare the food! From the main course to the desatto, everyone of us was working hard, none stop one for 3 hours. Though I bring my camera, thinking to snap the process of cooking, I just could not find time to shoot. We have to RUSH! (we have only 4 hours to finish all the thing including finish the meals after cooking and wash the dishes, sweep mop the floor, clean the room, etc etc as there will be another group of people occupying the place later).

Trying not to miss any part of the demonstration by the teacher, and after I have finished my part, I quickly go to shoot one or two pictures. 🙂


The right hand side one is the cooking class teacher. She is demonstrating how to do the “Potato Sushi lie Rope with Prawn & Halfbeak”


I don’t know how old she is, may be 80s or 90s? No idea. 80 and 90 years old ladies are all around the Japan. You can easily meet many of them everywhere in Japan. No kidding man. They are so GENKI!!!!!

My friend told me that the teacher has hands and foot joints problem and feels painful most of the time but she still come to teach. She is really respectable. Everyone in the class must tabet when seeing her 🙂


The Beef Roll center in Burdock


After 3 hours hard work, we have our Japanese New Year dishes served!! Yeah!!

I should take the pictures of “after the meal”. The dirty dishes + kitchen utensils were like a mountain high…. 🙁 that makes my conclusion to the Japanese food: Delicious but just too much works to prepare and wash!)

Well, anyway, since you all can see only, here is the menu and recipes for your own try at home (if you could find the Japanese food ingredients and have plenty of time to do?):

Main course

Small Dried Sardines Cooked in Sweetened Soy Sauce

Housho (Thick Japanese Paper) Roll

Potato Sushi like Rope with Prawn & Halfbeak

Meat Ball like Drag0n Eye

Beef Roll center in Burdock

Beaten Burdock


Japanese Soy Sauce Suop

Side Dish

Boiled Chicken & Vegetables


Boiled Sweet-Potatoes & Chestnuts

Here are the recipes:   ( Special Thanks to Okada sensei who did the translation for us)