3 October 2023


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Epson P-5000/3000/4500/2500 New Firmware Update

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Epson has just released a new firmware update for Photo Viewer P-5000/3000/4500/2500
that meant to correct the video playback and sound of Olympus E-3/E-510/E-410.

The release is in Japanese, but you can download the firmware which is same for your English operation system of Epson or Windows or Mac.

Download page (P-5000/300)

  •   http://www.epson.jp/dl_soft/list/1839.htm

Download page (P-4500/2500)

  •   http://www.epson.jp/dl_soft/list/1813.htm

Epson did not mention any other changes in the firmware, but it is a known fact that manufacturers often secretly update/correct the “bugs” in their system via firmware update without listing out all the details. So there can be slightly improved in speed. By all means, update the firmware and you should have nothing to loose. 🙂