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My wife said “anytime”…

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I have the chance to try out a Nikon D3 yesterday. Yes, this is the currently hottest and most anticipate DSLR in the market. Stock is so limited that everybody is searching for one.


Thank God I managed to get one unit for my customer from Japan, else I would be in trouble. 😛

The camera is so heavy…but feel good in hand. Grip can be hold firmly. LCD is big and bright, viewfinder is bright and large! All buttons are nicely laid out…I asked my wife to hold it for a second…she said dare not.

I checked the condition, took 2 frames of test shots, then put the camera back into the box. Yes, my standard procedures of checking the DSLR as requested by customers. This is to make sure that the camera received by my customer is in perfect order instead of them having to send the camera back to me only realizing it is defect upon arriving. Still, D3 as the professional DSLR from Nikon should have very high quality control and check. Made in Japan man… 😉

After putting the D3 back to the box and packed it, I asked my wife when can I get one for myself? As a dealer of Nikon in Malaysia, I can get pretty good price of the D3 for myself. Of course not now as I still have many customers in my waiting list…guess what my wife answered?


I guess she is not serious at all… :'(