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Megumi’s morning meal

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Everyday, my wife will prepare some porridge for Megumi the night before, and cook the porridge in a glass bowl together with the rice for our next day meal. It is not an easy job, as my wife will first cook some soup with carrots and small fishes (ikan bilis) in the soup, just to get some extra nutrition for the porridge that she prepared for Megumi.

The work is a lot…but the porridge is only very small bowl, but with lots of love from mother. 🙂

Feeding time with morning sunlight shinning through the windows…


Saw the Hello Kitty plastic thingy? Used to use just cloth, but Lydia said very difficult to clean, so we went to Diamond City, Babies “R” Us to buy the thingy above.

Megumi is enjoying her meal for sure…


So delicious…wah..lerr…eh…


Let’s have another BIG BITE! “ARMMmmm!


Megumi:”enough shooting lah…don’t record all my eating ugly shots…”


Will record another round of eating again in future… 🙂