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Tomotachi to de atta

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Our friend, Misty Sargent, who we have not met her since I gave birth to Megumi on June. She has given birth to a baby girl, Joanna, on August 2007. We met them last Saturday at the Hiroshima Diamond City.

On the way to the Hihiroshima city, we put Megumi to her car seat as in Japan, all babies/kids must sit in the car seat when the car is moving. Last time, she was too small to sit in the seat, and I hold her all the time during traveling in car… Now, she is 5 month old, and the car seat seems to be too small for her…. 🙁


You can see she is still enjoying her “new” chair.


The seat can be adjusted so that the baby can lay down a bit or sit up a bit.


Thank God, I guess she felt comfortable with the seat as she didnt make noise along the journey…


Misty’s baby is just looks like her husband, Matt. She is pretty and gentle..

Megumi was too tired and when we took this photo, she already slept. If I didnt resize the photo, you will probably see there is a tear drop in Megumi’s left eye. She was looking for sarung!!!!!!!


After meeting with Misty and Joanna, we went for a walk in this one of the biggest shopping mall in Hiroshima and found Christmas’s deco is up everywhere!


Which one do you like more? My husband said this one no good, “overexposed” or something like that, I think both are ok, haha. I have told you I am poor in photography.

Almost forget to tell you all, this shopping mall not only has the Toys ‘R Us, it also has Babies ‘R Us where we bought some toys for Megumi. But the things selling there are so so expensive!!!