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My “cool” mouse! Logitech / Logicool MX Revolution

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Just to share with you guys the mouse that I am using (bought on 19th Dec 2006, costs me around RM350 or US$95 in Japan):

Logitech® MX™ Revolution

More info at:

My first wireless mouse. Took me quite some time to finally decided on a wireless mouse. I kinda worry of the hassle having to charge the mouse every few days…but after using a cheapo wireless mouse few months ago, I am hooked.

For me, mouse is one of the most important item in PC components, as a unresponsive mouse will make you crazy.

In Japan, they call it LOGICOOL! Yes, it is such a COOL mouse! 😀


One thing about wireless mouse is that it is not so convenient when traveling. Though the battery of the mouse can last for nearly 5 days (12 hours use a day), still if you went for long holiday, then you will need to bring the charging unit together. Not so convenient and normally I will just bring a small wired mouse that power directly from my notebook USB port.


Yes, this mouse is using laser technology. I don’t know how much laser is better as compared to infrared mouse, but it sure is responsive and precise in my case (MX Revolutions). The good thing about laser is that you don’t see the distracting red light at night. Laser beam is invisible to human eyes.


I bought the mouse when it first introduced at around RM350 (US$100). Yes, pretty expensive for a mouse, but if you know it is a good mouse and you are going to use it daily, then it worths every cents! I just checked amazon.com, price is still around US$82.20.

USB receiver

This can be bad side of the MX revolution mouse. The USB receiver is a bit longer than what I would want. It can be dangerous on my notebook if I accidentally knock it or tilt my notebook. Logitech now has a nano receiver for its new “VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks“, I wish my MX revolution has such a tiny receiver!

Free spin!

Yes, this is probably the best part of the MX revolution mouse! The wheel of the mouse is the best design in my opinion. The wheel is like a metal, can be set to spin with click click click or simply just FREE SPIN! I set my mouse to free spin most of the time. When you scroll an internet page, just spin the wheel and it will bring to to the top or bottom with ease! I love this design!

Final words…

Is this mouse worth the investment? Before this I was only using wired mouse, as I don’t like the hassle of having to charge the battery of computer mouse daily or weekly. However, after getting the MX Revolution, my mindset is changed. I can control my movie playing on my notebook from distance, sitting far away on my bed. Spin the wheel to increase or decrease the sound volume…etc. Mouse is important for me, and I will not hesitate to get a better mouse if it is available in future. 🙂