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Sarung…bed…addicted…Going Tokyo!

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Planning to go Tokyo on Monday (5th November 2007) to do passport and birth certificates for Megumi, renew passport for Foong.

We plan to drive there…it is going to be a long journey…around 850km far…roughly 11 hours drive. Toll will cost around JPY16,500 one way. Still cheaper than air ticket which cost over JPY20,000 one way per person.

We decided to drive so that the journey can be more flexible. Since we have a nice car now (Toyota Wish) and with Navigator, so finding the way is not a problem. Praise the Lord!

Now…one thing that we must bring in order to make our lives easier…

Yeah…the sarung swing. Megumi now must use sarung in order to go to sleep. She will cry for sarung when she is tired. I can’t imagine for the days without sarung in Tokyo…we just can’t take the chance. If she can’t sleep without it…then there is no way for us to find one for her…so must dissemble and bring to Tokyo with us. Thank God our car is big enough for those things, but taking it to the hotel might have some headache… 😛

May God bless us and protect us all the way, in Jesus name I prayed. Amen.