4 October 2023


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Head up…press up…can tahan long time this time!

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I tried putting Megumi in press up position again today, with a supporting pillow under her chest. To my surprise, she can tahan very long time today! I didn’t really time it, but more than 15 mins without screaming for help or having her head falling down. (click the link below for head falling down action… )


I even have to time to call my wife from kitchen and have my time to setup my camera and flash to snap snap snap…

Here’s the proofs!

If you are good enough…you can measure her saliva and get some idea how long she has in that position.

See, she is very happy and enjoying! 😀

(setup: Nikon D200 + Tamron SP 17-50mm F/2.8 + Nikon SB-800 flash + Lambency Diffuser)