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Free Nikon Capture NX with Nikon D300 and D3 (first 300k units)

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Nikon Capture NX photo-finishing software to
be bundled with D3 and D300 digital SLRs
during special release campaign

October 29, 2007 Tokyo – Nikon Corporation has today announced that they will conduct a special promotion in conjunction with the release of the new D3 and D300 digital SLR cameras, bundling the next-generation Capture NX (ver.1.3) photo-finishing software as an accessory to be included in the camera body packages.

Nikon Capture NX is a high-quality image editing and processing application that enables versatile, highly intuitive image adjustments using innovative U Point Technology.

Image adjustments can be made simply by positioning a Control Point on a given image, without having to deal with special tools or layers. Using Nikon’s original RAW and NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) image files, you can edit images while retaining the original file and without decreasing image quality.

What’s more, the software includes a variety of valuable functions such as Batch Processing, which applies edited adjustments simultaneously to all images in a selected folder; Edit List, which helps photographers track, cancel and add new modifications; Vignette Control, which automatically reduces the effect of low-light conditions; Color Aberration Control,* which reduces color fringing effects; and Distortion Control, which reduces pincushion and barrel distortion effects.

* For NEF files only Capture NX Version 1.3 is fully compatible with Nikon’s new Picture Control System, incorporated for the first time in the D3 and D300, thereby enabling users to make easier image adjustments. Working with Picture Control Utility (included with Capture NX), Picture Controls can be customized, applied to selected images and transferred to other Nikon digital cameras that support the Picture Control System.

Campaign Period: From the release date of the D3/D300 until the allocated number of units have shipped.

Allocated number of units for the campaign: 300,000 sets worldwide.

Nikon Capture NX Software (ver.1.3) Bundle Campaign Q&A

Q1 Why is Capture NX being bundled with the D3 and D300?

A1 It’s a special release campaign Nikon is conducting for the new D3 and D300 digital SLRs.

Q2 Are the Capture NX that is currently marketed and the bundled one the same?

A2 Although both offer the same functions, some of the items included differ.

Q3 How long will the campaign continue?

A3 The campaign is restricted in terms of the number of sets offered, but the period is not limited. It will end when the 300,000 sets (number of licenses worldwide) allocated have shipped.

Q4-1 The number of bundled Capture NX sets is 300,000 worldwide. What is the breakdown for each country?

Q4-2 The number of bundled Capture NX sets is 300,000 worldwide. What is the breakdown for the D3 and D300?

A4 We are unable to provide you with those details.

Q5-1 I’ve already ordered the D3/D300, and want to know whether Capture NX will be bundled with my camera?

Q5-2 Is it possible to place an order in advance for a Capture NX-bundled version of the D3/D300?

Q5-3 If I place an order for the D3/D300, can I count on getting a Capture NX-bundled package?

A5 During the campaign, the D3/D300 you order will come bundled with Capture NX. Because quantities are limited, however, we cannot definitively promise to provide you with a Capture NX-bundled version of the D3/D300. We recommend that you make your purchase early in order to improve your chances of success.

Q6 How can I identify Capture NX-bundled kits of the Nikon D3 / D300 ?

A6 A sticker stating “Release Campaign: Capture NX” is attached to the packages of bundled Nikon D300 and Nikon D3 Digital SLR cameras.

Q7 I purchased a D3 / D300 with the sticker on the package, but a Capture NX CD-ROM was not bundled. Why?

A7 The Capture NX software itself can be downloaded from the website.

*For the first stage of the campaign, a product key will be provided, enabling Customers to download the actual software from the website and install it on their computer. From December 2007, a CD-ROM containing the software will be bundled with the D3/D300.

Q8 There seem to be two types of packages — one containing a Capture NX CD-ROM and another without. Is this a mistake?

A8 This may occur, but it is not a mistake. If a CD-ROM is not bundled, download the software from the website, then, by inputting the product key included in the package, you can use Capture NX.

*At the outset, a product key will be bundled with the D3 / D300, but a Capture NX CD-ROM will not be bundled. Customers can download the software from the website and install it on their computer. Then, by inputting the product key, customers can use Capture NX. Starting with D3s/D300s produced in December 2007, a Capture NX CD-ROM will be bundled. Therefore, you may see two types of packages.

Q9 How can I distinguish packages with or without the CD-ROM?

A9 For both packages — those with only the product key, and those with the CD-ROM and product key — a sticker is attached as a sign of the bundle campaign. However, it is not possible to distinguish the package type by sticker alone.

Q10 Is there any price difference between Capture NX-bundled cameras and those without it?

A10 The price is the same. Capture NX will be bundled for a limited number of cameras as a special D3 / D300 release campaign.

Q11 I don’t need the bundled Capture NX. Can you make a discount for me?

A11 Such a discount is not possible. Even if you return the bundled item, you will not get a discount.

Q12 Can I resell a bundled Capture NX?

A12 No.

Q13 Can I return a Capture NX purchase previously made?

A13 If you’ve already bought Capture NX, you cannot return it. Also, you cannot return bundled versions.

Q14 Is an instruction manual included in the bundled Capture NX? If so, is it the same manual included in the Capture NX ver.1.3 package?

A14 An instruction manual is not included. For instructions, please download the PDF file available on the website.

(Please download the trial-version software from the website and install it on your computer. Then, by inputting the supplied product key, the trial version can be used.)

Starting from December, a CD-ROM will be bundled with the D3/D300, and this will contain a PDF file of the instruction manual.

Q15 Is there a printed Capture NX instruction manual?

A15 No, a printed manual is not available. Download the PDF file from the website.

Q16 I bought a camera without the Capture NX CD-ROM and I don’t have internet access. What should I do?

A16 I’m sorry. Please understand that this campaign was planned on the assumption that you would be able to download the necessary files via internet. (We will distribute trial-version CD-ROMs to subsidiaries. Please use them when necessary.)

Q17 I bought a D3/D300 with only the Capture NX product key. Can you replace it with the newly bundled CD-ROM?

A17 I’m sorry. We cannot do that.

Q18 I bought a Capture NX-bundled camera overseas. Can I have the Japanese version?

A18 You can download the Japanese version from:


Q19 I’ve been using a trial version of the previous version of Capture NX, but the expiration date has come. Can I still use it?

A19 You can use it if you input the bundled product key. To edit images taken with the D3/D300, however, it’s necessary to upgrade to the latest version of Capture NX. Please upgrade it yourself.

Q20 I bought a Capture NX-bundled D3/D300, then lost the license key (CD-ROM). Could you reissue it?

A20 We are unable to reissue licenses.

Q21 Will Capture NX be bundled with the D200 and other D-SLRs?

A21 This is a special campaign limited to the D3 / D300. At present, we do not have any such plans.

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