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made in Japan…BCG injection mark

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Those newborn baby in Japan, or even if not born in Japan, there is BCG injection in October for all newborn babies.

In Malaysia, BCG injection was given on the same birthdate, same as Taiwan. However, in Japan they have a fixed date for BCG injection carried out by the city office. So, some babies can be 1 month old, some can be 3 months old…different age. There are few different sessions of BCG injection a year, ours was in Oct for Megumi. City office will send a letter to inform you the date to go for injection in the city office health care center nearby.

Ok…enough story…here’s something special about the BCG injection in Japan. There are 9 + 9 holes! Yes, it is like a stamp, the nurse put some “liquid” onto two stamps (each with 9 needles), the doctor will then PRESS IT ONTO THE ARM of your baby! Yes, it is definitely a very very painful process. Megumi screamed out loud during that time, her mother was holding her and have a broken heart…lots of tears were flowing out from Megumi’s eyes…

(You can try hit just ONE NEEDLE to your arm to understand the 1/18th pain…)

Here’s the photo of the mark after a month…this is also a mark of baby born in Japan or live in Japan that took BCG injection in Japan. Very unique. 🙂

From another angle:

Ok, this photo doesn’t show the mark, but we took the series of photos after Megumi took her bath…you can see her face expression how much she enjoys her bathing time… 😀

(all photos took using Nikon D200 + AFS VR 70-200mm lens with VR active. No flash, nature light from windows.)