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Catch the Leopard?

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Are you ready to catch the Leopard? Just launched yesterday…

Am I upgrading? Nah…though I have a macBook with Dual Core Processor and 2GB RAM, I am not going to upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. I don’t use my macBook that much. The money spent isn’t worth for me.

Price? (USD)

  • Single User $129.00
  • Family Pack $199.00 (license of 5 for those who lived under the same roof)

There is no upgrade price. So, even if you have Tiger now and want to upgrade to Leopard, you are as if buying a new OS and get the Tiger scrapped. According to Apple website, there are over 300 new features on Leopard. I watched the Tour Guides (for PC, you need to install Quick Time), it does looks impressive.

You can order online directly at Apple online store: