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Sample photos using Lambency Flash Diffuser

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Here are some photos of my wife and baby using Lambency flash diffuser.

With flash, I was able to shoot at lower ISO and higher shutter speed, hence getting sharper images. You probably won’t notice much different from my previous other photos posted here, as 99% of the previous photos that I have posted are without flash (hence natural feel) at high ISO and are not very sharp (still looks good for online presentation, but not so sharp when you do bigger prints).

Some may asked:”what is a good flash photo?”

My answer:

  • Not having harsh bright spots/contrast on the subject.
  • Not screaming to viewer “THIS PHOTO SHOT USING FLASH!!!”
  • Very soft or no shadow at all.
  • Illuminate the subject evenly, including the background.
  • Not blinding the subject (direct flash is often too powerful that blinded and angered the subject).

Below are some photos taken using Nikon D200 + SB-800 + Lambency with flash head vertical upward (without dome):

The photo below is using natural room fluorescent light. Shutter speed is 1/10s, so very difficult to get sharp photo, but the below one is kinda still good or acceptable (out of the many shots taken). 🙂

The photo below is using SB-800 + Lambency. Notice the difference? Yes, the above is having some shadow below the face as the fluorescent light is right above, but with Lambency flash, I was able to get some light diffused directly onto the face and body and having some other light bounced from the ceiling back to the baby and background (sorry, messy background). Notice very little to no shadow.

(my baby can sit up now…though not very stable…but she has managed to sit up there for a few seconds now! :D)

Ok, that’s all for now. I shall post more “flashed” photos in future. 😀

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