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Internet banking user growing…

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Internet banking user is growing furiously nowadays. With more and more people going online, people tend to love settle things online rather than having to queue in the counter.

Yeah…the first and most popular internet banking site is “too busy” today…

It is quite frustrated when you want to get something done but couldn’t due to the site busy message. They should have upgrade their system always before it reaches its limit (eg. Ebay is one of the company that consistently upgrade their hardware making sure that there is no time-out or can’t keep up with demand failure).

Tried and tried the site above…after half an hour still the same. In fact, I find maybank2u.com.my is very slow nowadays…but the good thing is that Bank Negara has stated the rules that there must be no charge for internet banking service. You can transfer money to others without having to pay any service fee. This is good. 🙂 However, with the increase popularity of internet banking, it is only a matter of time before the free service will be charged. 🙁

The success of internet banking is also mainly due to the wider coverage of internet and the “slightly faster” internet connection nowadays in Malaysia (highest is 2MB for household users but many still complaint that the speed of 2MB/s package is no different than the slower package…). Though still consider as “snail speed” when compare to oversea neighbours (Japan is using 100MB fibre optic now and the basic/slowest is 8MB/s Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) broadband, while Singapore is offering 10MB ADSL line now), at least we are growing and it is good that some companies (Maxis, Digi…etc.) are now offering wireless broadband internet service. Landline service is monopoly by TMNET/Streamyx, so hopefully there are some more players in the wireless ISPs so that we as consumers can benefit more and also encourage healthy competition among providers to facilitates the internet technology grow and coverage in Malaysia.

With this…I hope more people will shop online at ShaShinKi.com too! 😀