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ASKA Tripper V Firmware V1.23

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ASKA has just announced a new firmware for their Tripper V portable storage device – version 1.23.


  • A part of mis-display of Exif information generated by the image of which it took a picture with the camera was corrected.
  • The mis-display of the update time of the file was corrected.
  • Trouble concerning the voice output was corrected.



I have emailed ASKA about a month ago, suggesting some update via firmware to their Tripper V, I am curious if they do listen to customers feedback and change the Tripper V functionality based on that or not.

DO NOT TRY TO SHUT DOWN THE TRIPPER V YOURSELF! Tripper V takes around 10 mins to update the firmware. Be patient

So, I tried update my own Tripper V to the latest firmware. I did a stupid mistake…I forcefully shut down the Tripper V during the firmware update…making my ASKA Tripper V now “USELESS”. It can’t be started up anymore. Blank black screen. I contacted ASKA on Sunday night immediately after I realized my mistake. Today (monday) I received an email from them asking me to send in my ASKA Tripper V to them and they will get the firmware reset and send back to me before 31st Oct. Yes, I told them I need the Tripper V on 1st November. Their service is good, very good indeed!

So, what mistake did I done? How to update the firmware correctly? See the steps below:

1. DO NOT TRY TO SHUT DOWN THE TRIPPER V YOURSELF! Tripper V takes around 10 mins to update the firmware. Be patient. I have to give this warning as the first step…as people tend to not reading till the end before starting…

2. Download Tripper V latest firmware from ASKA website:


3. Unzip the file. You will see a folder name “UPDATE”. Inside UPDATE folder you will see another zip file. No need to unzip again. Just leave the UPDATE older as it is.

4. Connect ASKA Tripper V to external power supply.

5. Connect ASKA Tripper V to your PC via USB cable.

6. Now, copy the Folder “UPDATE” to your Tripper V root directory (you will see “userdata” folder in the root directory).

DO NOT POWER OFF THE TRIPPER V FROM NOW ON! It takes around 10 minutes for the firmware to be updated.

7. Unplug the USB cable from your Tripper V. Now the Tripper V will restart automatically. It will show ASKA logo on the LCD screen. You can hear the sound of HDD spinning, and light on the Tripper V. This will continue for around 10 minutes. DO NOT POWER OFF THE TRIPPER V! BE PATIENT!

8. When the firmware finished updated, it will restart automatically and boot into the system.

9. Now go to Setting -> Product Information. You will see the product name and firmware version stated there.

This is not difficult at all, in fact the firmware update process is MUCH MUCH EASIER than any other products that I have seen!

If you can understand Japanese, you can visit the following link for some graphic guides:


All the best! 😀

Update (25th Oct 2007):

This is the screen of the ASKA during firmware update. Take note of the 4 circles that are very important.

From Left to Right:

  1. Power Supply must be connected.
  2. Charge will light up in red all the time. Power (green light) will blink.
  3. ASKA logo will be shown on the screen for around 5 mins during the firmware update process.
  4. Light on the right showing the progress of the firmware update.