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Got a new toy today!

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Just received a new toy today from Malaysia… 😀

Yeah! Crumpler the Seven Million Dollar Home!

It comes with a bag robot tag…cool huh? Nah…I removed it immediately after taking the shot. Not going to hang it around my bag… 😛

How big is the bag? Here I took a photo of the inside with my Nikon AFD 105mm F2.8 Micro lens on the top compartment. There are still plenty of space down there.

Here’s an overview of the bag hanging…

I have stock of RED and BLACK in my Perak store, decided to take the BLACK myself, as I don’t want to be so eye catching. Besides…I am old enough already to use the BLOODY RED colour.

Why Crumpler? Crumpler is a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag. In fact, it looks more like a casual shopping bag. I like the simple design of Crumpler, and I love shoulder slingbag, preferable one that I can cross from my left to right shoulder.

Crumpler has made a hit in the market when it first released. Very quickly it grabs the attention and become one of the world’s most reknown camera bag. There are Crumpler dedicated shop in many country: Singapore, Malaysia (KLCC), and I heard one just opened in Tokyo Japan this month!

I have wanted a Crumpler for quite some time. I have a Lowepro Magnum AW with me, but it is just too big when I just want to go out with one camera and one lens or perhaps a flash casually. The Lowepro is too thick for me to go out casually. It is heavy as well. The Crumpler looks like a normal bag, and I can bring it to school without catching too much attention (except those who know the difference).

Now I can go out happily anywhere with my Crumpler! 😀