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GMAIL space…ever increasing!

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I just noticed this at the bottom of my Gmail account:

You are currently using 2027 MB (51%) of your 3964 MB.

If you log out of Gmail and went to the front page of Gmail, you will see a LIVE counter with Gmail space increasing every second!

Gmail, it is my “currently” favorite email client! I even prefer using it than my own POP3 account! Why?

1. Search is extremely fast!

2. “Unlimited” or very BIG storage!

3. Access anywhere when you have internet connection.

4. Intuitive and very user friendly interface! I like the way they group every related messages/emails into one email. You can just expand the emails and see every related email in one page! First in the world to introduce this…and I really love it!

5. Multi-language support (my Outlook Express is sometimes weird…)


Try it! You will LOVE and HOOK onto it! 🙂