26 January 2021

No Canon 5D MK II…here I come Canon 7D!

It seems like there will be no 5D MK II from Canon, instead they go with a new digit:


As recorded in UPC database in USA:


Here some specs:

  • 12mp
  • 5fps,Up to 21 RAW files
  • dust removing system
  • 15-point TTL CMOS sensor
  • Center point additionally sensitive with lenses of F2.8 or faster
  • 96% frame coverage
  • Viewfinder Magnification: 0.71x
  • 3.0 ” 640480 TFT LCD (920,000 pixels)
  • ISO 50-3200 extended to 12800 and 25600
  • DIGIC III, 14-bit
  • Canon EF lens mount (not EF-S)
  • Live View Mode
  • Similar design to 5D, possible of sharing the same battery grip!

Surprisingly cheap, US: $ 1,899!

15 thoughts on “No Canon 5D MK II…here I come Canon 7D!

  1. This will be a “new” range meaning killing off the 5 series with an add on number moving away from the 1 series. Why though? This will compete directly with the 40D.
    I was hoping they go up to 16mp rather than come down but we shall see

  2. Hi Glen,

    It is definitely a FF DSLR, but price I am not sure…I just get the information from the net…can be rumor…or is rumor… 😀

    When? Only Canon knows…

  3. Awh, wish it was faster than that also w/ higher MP (preferably 16mp). I wish it was better than the D300. In a way it already is. Just hope that it has proper weather-sealing like the 1D-Series does. But I doubt it cause they have to protect it’s pro-line. Well maybe not cause the 1Ds Mk III has almost as much pixels as a medium-format DSLR. Anyways, lets just hope it’s better than it’s competitors.

  4. hi James,

    Above are all the information I have already. It shouldn’t be long before we hear announcement from Canon. Nikon is taking lots of market share from Canon with their new D300 and D3 now…

  5. Canon 7D or Nikon D300 …. would be the war.

    For Canon lovers it will be 7D anyway, but sure all semi-pros (less spenders) will do the comparison.

    To me 7D sounds like an greate option and upgrade, but of course I am Canon-loyal.

  6. Can’t wait… although i’m gonna have no use for my EF-S lenses when this comes out. Anyone wanna buy a 20d 🙂

  7. hmm…thought there was going to be an announcement of release today… oh well, i’ll continue with my 20d 🙁

  8. Latest specs just before Photoknia:
    Canon 5D mkII
    * 21.1 MP 1.0x
    * DIGIC IV
    * ISO 100-6400 L:50 & H:12800
    * 5 FPS
    * 3.2″ High Resolution Screen (LCD)
    * 19 point AF
    * HDMI Out
    * Liveview
    * HD Movie Mode
    * Viewfinder: 100% Coverage
    * Full weather sealing
    * EF Lenses only

  9. Syahrin i saw that site too 🙂
    A few days ago you can only make out the top bit of the silouette, now you can see more of it. Word has it there might be a announcement on the 15 this month

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