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Canon EF 50mm F/1.2L USM

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I ordered this lens for my customer. The seal on the box was broken, so I was kinda worry. When open and check the lens inside, I saw a dust in the middle of the glass. This is definitely not a new lens. The rear lens mount also looks as if it has been mounted on a camera before.

I complaint to my supplier. They agreed to send a new replacement but it requires 3 days. I was in rush, because my customer needs to receive the lens in Malaysia before flying oversea. It is either I deliver the lens before she flies or a full refund. My supplier doesn’t allow for refund or cancellation of the order, so I have to take the risk and rush it.

Thank God, everything went smoothly. I managed to get the lens to my customer in Kuching from Japan in time. I sent on Sunday evening, reached my customer on the next Thursday. Thank God, He is just amazing!

Here are some photos of the lens that I returned (I circled the dust in red in the 2nd row firstphoto from left):

kkk_6845.JPG kkk_6846.JPG

kkk_6848.JPG kkk_6849.JPG

This is an incredible lens, but will you spend that much money on a 50mm lens? Only for the richie rich. 🙂