5 June 2023


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Malaysia First Astronault!

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Mr. A: We have a Malaysian went to space!
Mr. B: Wow! Congrates! Did you built the space shutter?
Mr. A: No…
Mr. B: Did you join in the building of the space shutter?
Mr. A: No…
Mr. B: Did you get to learn to build the space shutter?
Mr. A: No…
Mr. B: What is your man doing up there?
Mr. A: First we plan to have our proud teh tarik in space, to promote our Malaysia culture. Later we think Roti Canai would be fun too. How about a batik show? Hmm…last week we decided on doing more serious medical experiments in space, since the astronaut is a doctor…
Mr. B: What sort of experiments?
Mr. A: Medical scientific experiments…should be important and only can be done in space.
Mr. B: How much did you pay to go to space?
Mr. A: We got it FREE! We bought some fighter planes and the nice Russian gives us a FREE trip to space.
Mr. B: Ok…good luck.
Mr. A: Thanks. Malaysia Boleh!