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Cushion Chair for Megumi

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My wife bought a cushion chair for Megumi last week. Might be a little bit too early for Megumi…we tested a few times and decided to keep it aside for future use, since Megumi is only 3 months “young” now…worried about her backbone.

Here’s some photos with Megumi sitting “in” the chair. She just like to sit up, doesn’t like to lay down nowadays…

All photos taken by my wife. 🙂

kkk_7600.JPG kkk_7601.JPG kkk_7602.JPG

kkk_7606.JPG kkk_7607.JPG kkk_7608.JPG

kkk_7609.JPG kkk_7610.JPG kkk_7611.JPG

God is good…all the time!